Kallista Avis (kallistavis) wrote,
Kallista Avis

Hmm, I do believe we'll be the best looking group at the ball, hands down. It took hours for all of us to be happy and have made what we all wanted (I'm just *not* the shopping type. .*laughs*)

The Sorting went well, we seem to have some fairly decent 1st years. I still can't believe I was . .that young when I first started out at Hogwarts. Seems like only yesterday. .

It seems Adira has been challenged by the ever lovable Bellatrix. Raises the bar a bit for our performance doesn't it? All the more better when Adira puts her to shame (count on us being there for the trials and to cheer you on). I suppose I'll have to wait that long before getting to mame a Slytherin then? Normally I wouldn't wait. .but I can't afford detention already and chance missing the trials scratch out that idea

I already recieved an owl from mum getting the usual lecture about how I tend to screw up (in more or less words) and I need to focus and try this year. And what did I do with this letter? Ah yes. .I believe it could be found in the fireplace in the common room. .*grins*
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