Kallista Avis (kallistavis) wrote,
Kallista Avis

Well I'm just about all packed and ready! I think mum and dad are slightly offended I'm so excited about going back to school, but "Are glad to see that I'm dedicated to my academics" *laughs* If only they knew. .

I was a bit worried for Diagon Alley tomorrow because I hadn't heard from anyone, but I may end up meeting Lily, Emma and (hopefully) Adira to shop for new dress robes for the lot of us. Hmmm maybe I should pick up a pair of Mens robes just to see how everyone else would react *laughs* I'm not sure how much the girls would like that.

I'm not sure if anyone else agrees with me, but our scheduales. .= nightmare! Damn NEWT's. . .there will be little room for procrastination this year (which makes me think I'm screwed). Well I probably should finish packing, Girls lemme know if the robes shop is the best place to meet up first? We may want to get our robes first before Potters crew finds us. Lily. .*laughs* I promise I'll try my BEST not to dish it out as bad as Emma as, but you've gotta understand. . . how hard it is! Ok. .now parents are really getting on my case -

Last note congratulations to Lily and James for head boy/girl

(odd twist of fate huh? *winks*) - well I suppose if it couldn't be Remus, James might be less. .'destructive' than Sirius? I suppose we'll find out.
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