Kallista Avis (kallistavis) wrote,
Kallista Avis

Well, Care of Magical Creatures was nothing short of interesting! And I do believe two a few of us left with a little more than knowledge after that class was done with. Once again I'll state what a. .I run out for insults on Malfoy - too many have already been used need more

I could really kick myself in the arse for letting him creep me out like that, bloody hell! Would have liked to die on the spot when he took advantage of my overreacting -excuse me while I go bang myself senseless against the dorm walls now

My useless kneazle stole the ring my grandmother gave me - and as LUCK is usually on my side, Malfoys found it. Dare I go into details the pain it took to having to ask for it back? I'll take care to delete THAT memory of class. .mmm indeed

Ok things didn't quite go as planned. My original intentions were to make you turn in my kneazle, as I made up the story of mine running away so 'Sirius Jr.' would be a free knealze. Should have made that a bit more clear on my part - SO. . seeing as I now have a new pet kneazle. .any good ideas as to exactley what I put him/her/it in so that its happy but hidden?

If Lily finds out - I'm sunk

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