Kallista Avis (kallistavis) wrote,
Kallista Avis

Well, the news is out - and boy did it spread faster than the speed of a spell (and it comes to SUCH an honest shock to the rest of us. . . . . . .yup, never saw it coming heh.)

Alas, poor Sirius will never be the same again I fear! *bows head mournfully*

What really bothers me, is how much that stupid snake Malfoy conjured. . creeped me out. Something undeniabley evil was there about that. .or it could just as easily have been Lucius. His presence is enough to give me the creeps. .I imagine his magic could have the same effect on anyone. If ever Slytherin put forth an evil wizard. .

Owl to Sirius, James, Remus?Collapse )
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