Kallista Avis (kallistavis) wrote,
Kallista Avis

Well, Lilys and my outdoor study session for Transfiguration proved nothing short of interesting. Why is it you ask? Because it invovled two pesky Slytherins and getting no work done (I can't say I don't mind the getting no work done. . yet having to stomach false sincerity really errodes on a persons nerves, not to mention is just downright nausiating). Blood doesn't matter my arse, I thought she was going to upchuck a snail just trying to say that. I wans't sure if I should have laughed or hexed her.

I hate facades, fittingly enough their public hatred is much more tolorable than cold, false formality. It's like trying to watch Snape smile - just wasn't meant to fit them.

Sirius - your cousin was quite offened when I informed her of her mental state. Something about that side of the family we need to know? *smirk*

Quidditch pitch meeting, going over spells, charms what have you for the dueling club trials sound good during afternoon break sound good? We'd better count on the you-know-who's playing - dirty.
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